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The fresh pineapple production of Nanas Merbok Enterprise begins with the pineapple plantation projects in 2007. Growing successfully to produce pineapple with good qualities and grades, in 2010, the RnD for developing products from fresh pineapple begins. Ensuring the best qualities of taste, well experienced chefs for over 5 to 12 years of experience was included in the RnD. In early 2011, the manufacturing of fresh pineapple products begins, with the best quality and freshness that you can taste.

Untill today, Nanas Merbok has been producing wide numbers of products such as pineapple juice, pineapple cordial, pineapple paste, pineapple jam, rojak and fruits dipping sauces, and hot pineapple and pineapple dipping sauce.

Besides fresh pineapple products, Nanas Merbok put some variability upon its product to meet customer satisfaction by including sweet chilli dipping sauce, oyster, black pepper sauce, black pepper hot and spicy sauce, yong tau fu sauces into its manufacturing.

Nanas Merbok Enterprise is currently undergoing GMP standard and HACCP (Malaysian Government Health Department Regulations) and now advancing toward getting world aclaimed standard of ISO 9002.

Since than we never look back but gearing hard ahead toward national and world market by upgrading our capacity to meet the present demand.

Nanas Merbok Enterprise also practising zero defects and very strict in quality produces and hygiene not to mention the food safety side of any product that have been manufactured here.

Nanas Merbok Enterprise have survived so far and strives for its survival and penetrating its share in domestic and global market.

Meanwhile, we at Nanas Merbok Enterprise, with our willingness to share the cake with others, invite any company or person to participate in trade or agency formulation.